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Corporate Social Responsibility WE CARE. WE COMMIT. WE ACT.

Mon, 27 Nov 2017


œTruly living CSR is ensuring too that our business operations and supply chains do no harm and reflect the values we espouse Konica Minolta.

In an increasingly interconnected world, Konica Minolta understands that the impacts and sustainability of our business are not limited to our customers but extend to the people and entities that form our value network. This includes the communities in which we operate and our natural environment.

Konica Minolta is an active corporate citizen. They have identified five shared value pathways that will guide their work until 2020. Each pathway is a step to ensure sustainability reduces risks to people and the environment, whilst also creating opportunities to have a positive impact.

  1. Foster transformative Community Partnerships
  2. Embed respect for Human Rights
  3. Embrace Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Support a culture of Safety, Wellbeing and Health
  5. Demonstrate Environmental Leadership

Through these pathways, Konica Minolta want to inspire creative and dynamic partnerships that help shift the paradigm on what it means for business to be truly sustainable and contribute to causes that matter. The following community partnerships align with Konica Minolta Group priorities. They are:

  • Breast Cancer Network Australia (Health)
  • Landcare Australia (Environment)
  • The Smith Family (Education
  • Project Future (Human Rights)

Throughout the year contributions are made to different causes, projects, initiatives or movement building activities.

Download Konica Minolta's latest CSR strategy:

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