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How can you lower costs for printing, copying and scanning by up to 30%

Our print management solutions give you the tools to increase document security, promote sustainability, and the ability to analyse cost and expense data by enforcing print lower_costs_printing_300x139.jpgpolicies. This helps you to make better decisions over your print usage to reduce print volume and costs before they are incurred.

  • Cost control Monitor and control print costs. Track, charge for, or recover the cost of every document produced on any device in the organisation and allocate individual job costs to specific users, departments, clients or job codes.
  • Report Usage Gain a quick overview on all operations performed in the print environment with standard or customised reports and helping you to understand and optimise print costs and uses.
  • Rapid ROI Easily report on return on investment, and lower your total cost of ownership with easily-accessible tools to all control and report on the costs.